- no sugar, you´re sweet enough -

Damn Sugar...

Let´s talk about sugar, because let´s be honest, if you want to live healthy you must say Not o sugar (most of the time). Every one of us knows that chocolate, donuts, cinnamon rolls and co. is unhealthy but sugar can be in so many foods, you didn´t even know.

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Cheers to the food industry

Of course it is hard to say „no“ to sugar. This is simple due to the fact, that there is hardly food without any sugar (talking about industrial sugar) added. Only 20% of food products in the supermarket are without sugar. That´s crazy, right? So, healthy food shopping can be tricky.
Here a few tips to fight your way through the sugar jungle:

Ignore the chocolate, jelly beans and all this stuff, which obviously contains sugar. Most of the time you already know what’s good and what’s not.

Stay clear of processed foods. They are full of food flavour such as salt, fat or even sugar. Those food flavours makes the products to taste more attractive. For example, products with less fat naturally have less flavour. However, it tastes the same and guess why? SUGAR! The food industry just adds sugar into those products so the food tastes the same or even better. More, sugar stimulates the appetite with the consequence that the consumers buy more of those products.

Avoid all the light products. They seem to be healthy but they´re not. Instead of sugar, those products contains sweeteners as Mannit (E421), Acesulfam K (E950), Aspartam (E951), Cyclamat (E952), Saccharin (E954), Sucralose (E955), Maltit (E965), Lactit (E966), … The “dangerous” thing is, that those food flavours have a laxative effect and can lead to skin rashes and much more. Also, Stevia belongs to this category, which is just a chemical.

Why we don´t eat sugar

Sugar is like heroin you get addicted to it. Sugar products (industrial sugar and fructose) don’t fill stomachs. Why? Sugar overrides the action of the hormone Leptin. But this hormone is essentials, because it tells our brain: ‘One moment! You are already full, aren´t you?’ That means, we keep eating and gain weight. Besides the fact, that your cravings get out of control, sugar has no nutritional value whatsoever. Yes, it gives you energy, but it also takes it away even quicker. It will send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride. In addition to that, too much sugar makes your skin break out and let’s be honest, nobody wants that.


How to satisfy your sweet cravings

Although, we are very disciplined and cutting out most products with sugar. We (of course) have cravings for sweets. Here a few alternatives:

We just love fruits – especially all kinds of berries. They do not only taste delicious and fresh but are full of anti-inflammatory plant substances and little fructose.

Dates and dried apricots are great alternative. But it must be considered that they are not additionally sweetened with sugar.

As the name indicates, sweet potatoes have a slightly sweet taste and you can make a lot of great desserts with them. A super easy recipe is for example, baked sweet potatoes with banana and cinnamon (recipe follows)

We often add vanilla pod, cinnamon or cocoa to our porridge in the morning.