The most difficult part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle lies in the elimination of our bad habits. Switching our bad habits with new healthy ones is very challenging, but also rewarding overall. The tricky part? Finding the right way for you. There is so much information on the internet and everybody has their own opinion on what is healthy and what works the best. Sometimes that can be very overwhelming. There are vegans, PALEO, sugar free fanatics and gluten free opinions. The same goes for fitness. You want to get ripped, or maybe you are striving for a big booty? Google has the answer. In all this craziness, we sometimes forget to listen to our body. Everybody has different weaknesses and different strengths. So, what’s right for us might not be right for many other people. How we found our way? We listen to our body very carefully and search for likeminded people to get some new inspiration. We read a lot and test out what we think is right. With our new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE HACK series, we want to share our information with you in form of weekly hacks.

HACK #1: Listen to your body!

Sounds easy, but it can be really challenging and means a lot of work. Don’t get us wrong, the work is worth it, but it also means that you have to put some real effort and thought into the process. We eliminated a lot of foods from our diet. Some of them we reintegrated after a while. We tried a lot to find out what is right for us. Sometimes it can help to document everything you eat and how you train in a journal so you can recap everything and analyze it. Journaling is a powerful tool when you just start out or hit a plateau and don’t know what causes it. Most important? Don’t get too serious otherwise the fun in it gets lost. Testing out new things is so much fun and you should never be too hard on yourself. Your body and yourself deserve to be treated with kindness.

What we found out?

Refined sugar and wheat flour are just not good for us. It makes us moody, tired and we can hit the gym as much as we want, we will never see the results we want. At first we tried to leave them out for a few weeks and somehow, we just did not crave them anymore. Now? We stopped thinking about it all together. So, our first healthy lifetsyle hack is to listen to your body and to use tools like journaling to keep track of your progress. And alway remember: It's a process and not a competition.


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