Two weeks in Portugal. Good vibes only! It was such a great trip that unfortunately started with a little accident. Some of you may have seen it on Instagram. I hurt my knee during my highly motivated morning run on the second day. Outsch! It really hurt and looked pretty bad for a while, but I survived and now I can share my Portugal experience with you . Hooray!

- Travel as much as you can -



We started in Faro and stayed there for 3 days. It’s a nice city but unfortunately there is not that much to explore. On the third day we drove to Lagos. It’s a beautiful city on the coast. We also made a trip to Sagres where the most beautiful beaches are located. After some time on the beach we drove to Lissabon and did some sightseeing. Our secret tipp for Lissabon: LX Factory. It’s a factory building with a desinger and flee market in it. There are also lots of cute cafés and stores.


I did the workout from Sarah’s Day as well as some morning runs on the beach and I swam in the ocean. Sightseeing was a training for itself, because we walked everywere.

Our travel training tipp: explore the new surroundings with a mornng run. It’s such a great way to see everything. Also, do your workout outside and forget that hotel gym. It’s much more fun and adventures. Always remember: Stay active!





We had a lot of fruit and no coffee. Can you believe that? I mean the coffee part. Portugal mostly has Espresso to offer and I kind of don’t like Espresso in the mornings. So I went cold turkey and survived.


We pretty much skipped lunch every day. We were at the beach all day and had some snacks with us. Mostly fruit & nut mix or crackers. We drank a lot of water though.


We were almost starving at dinner time. Go figure. Dinner was always the highlight. We ate a lot of fish and sea food. Sometimes we would prepare our own dinner and had tacos. Always.


Two words: Ice cream and vino. We also tried the tradditional Pastéis de Nata which is a little cake with pudding. It tastes amazing but is also very sweet. So I ate only a little bit of it.

Our travel food tipp: Always be prepared. We always carry some snacks with us. Fruit & nut mix, crackers, vegan protein bars & fruit. Those are our got to snacks so we don’t get hangry. Because nobody got time for that.