Where to start? That’s a question we asked ourselves quite often over the last few weeks. Work was overwhelming and the heatwave really took a toll on our energy levels. Usually we try to workout at least four times a week. This became really a challenge so we decided to update our workout routine and adapt it to our current situation.

We love to create new workouts and usually have so many ideas we want to share with you guys. Often, we get inspired by other fitness bloggers and youtubers. One of our favourite youtuber is Sarah’s Day. Sarah recently launched her first eBook which we were very excited about. Her motto: “Listen to your body”. This seems to be the perfect fit for our current situation so we decided to follow her program over the next few weeks. This way, we can try something new and free our head to get creative again at the same time. The program is designed in a way that you can customize it with your own preferences, which is perfect for us, because we can add our favourite workouts as well.

* It costs around 45 Euro
* The whole challenge takes 8 weeks
* Consists of 4 different types of workouts and can be adjusted to individual needs. 
* You neither need any equipment nor a gym. Enjoy your workout outside. 

* Sweaty Shredder HIIT Workouts – Those workouts burn fat and push your body to its limits.
* Toning Power – For the perfect shaped bikini body.
* Actvity Days – Those are days where you decide which activity (running, power-walk with your bestie, yoga, climbing...) you want to do. Perfect activities for the weekend.
* Challenges – Short challenges (ca. 10 min) with specific focus. For example ab challenge. 

Activity Days: Our activity days look totally different. It really depends on the time, mood and weather. Caro loves to go for a run. Especially after a day full of e-mails and calls. It´s the best way for her to get clear her head. Eva enjoys doing Yoga to calm down a little bit and to sort out her thoughts and feelings. On especially hot days, we often jump into the lake or go for a hike in the mountains. That´s what we love to do on weekends with our family and friends. 

- When nothing goes right, go run -

- Yoga. Because some questions can't be answered by Google -

This week we are going to start with the program of Sarah´s Day and keep you updated, of course. We are so excited, if this will work for us and our bodies. Check out our Facebook and Instagram account to join our journey! #thehooray